Refund Policies for Executive MBA for AY 2024 - 2025

Refund Policy for the Admission Confirmation Advance of Rs. 20,000

  • For students who appear for the selection process and are rejected by the admissions panel, Rs.1000 application fee would be retained and the rest Rs.19,000 will be refunded.
  • For students who apply but do not appear for the selection process, or students who are selected but decide not to join the programme, Rs. 10,000 is retained and the rest Rs. 10,000 is refunded

Refund Policy for subsequent Instalments (As per UGC Refund Policy dated July 03, 2023)

If the refund is requested:

  • 15 days of more prior to class commencement – 100% Refund
  • From 15 days prior to class commencement to class commencement – 90% Refund
  • From class commencement date to 15 days after commencement – 80% Refund
  • From 15 after class commencement to 30 days after commencement – 50% Refund
  • More than 30 days after class commencement – 00% Refund